Risbygate Sports Club

Tennis Coaching

Our tennis coach Paul Hope (LTA Grade 4) joined us at the end of February 2017. He and his team run a full programme of junior coaching, with adult coaching on a Sunday afternoon (see below). Private lessons are also available.

For more information or to book a place, please contact Paul direct on 07879 498341 or email paulhope555@gmail.com.

Coaching Timetable

Starting 1st April 2022

(No coaching on Bank Holidays)


4:00-5:00pm     Yellow ball under-14 starter/intermediate

4:00-5:00pm     Green ball under-10 starter/intermediate

5:00-6:30pm     Yellow ball 11-16 years performance


9:00-12:00am   3 adult coaching sessions

4:00-5:00pm     Red ball under-8 starter/intermediate/advanced

5:00-6:00pm     Orange ball under-9 starter/intermediate/advanced

5:00-6:00pm     Yellow ball 11-16 years intermediate/advanced


4:00-4:30pm     Red ball under-5 Tots Tennis

4:00-5:.00pm    Orange ball under-9 starter/intermediate/advanced

4:30-5:30pm      Red ball under-8 starter/intermediate/advanced

5:00-6:00pm      Yellow ball 11-16 years performance

5:30-6:30pm      Green ball under-10 intermediate/advanced


4:00-5:00pm      Yellow ball 11–14 years starter/intermediate

5:00-6:00pm       Advanced 11–18 yrs Yellow Ball

6:00-8:00pm       Elite Adult Coaching (by invitation only)


9:00-10:00am     Red ball under-8 starter/intermediate/advanced

10:00-11:00am    Orange ball under-9 starter/intermediate/advanced

10:00-11:00am    Yellow ball 11-16 years starter/intermediate

11:00-12:00pm    Green ball under-10 starter/intermediate/advanced

11.00-11.30am    Strength & conditioning – all ages

11:30-1:00pm      Yellow ball 11-16 years intermediate/advanced


Paul Hope        07879 498341      paulhope555@gmail.com